Axiology and Ethics

4.5 ECTs / Semester / Português

At the end of the semester each student must: 1. Recognize the specificity of Axiology and Ethics among the different curricular areas; 2. Know the questions under debate, mainly the significance of the intuition of the goodness of being, throughout the existence of civilization, since its dawn, the everlasting pertinence of moral intuition and its irreducibility to any other form of semantics, rational or not, the moral virtues, the Christian contribution to ethics, moral values and the modern debate as a renewal of the eternal questions related to the statute of ethics. Know the texts studied; 3. Be able to think autonomously on all the subjects studied.


Professor Auxiliar
Licenciou-se em Filosofia pela Universidade Católica Portuguesa (Lisboa), classificação final geral de 16,13 valores. Em 1996 obteve o grau de Mestre em…