Christian-Muslin Dialogue: from S. John Damascene to S. Francis of Assisi

7 ECTs / Semester / Português

Revisiting the first history of the relationship between Christianity and Islam. To ascertain in what terms the "dialogue" between Christians and Muslims took place and theological configuration of two key moments: first encounter (Damascus, seventh century) and first great confrontation (crusades). Identify the documents and fields of research on the broad field of study concerning dialogue and confrontation between those of the major religions.To deepen the theological bases as a way of training for an effective "interreligious dialogue" between the two Abrahamic religions.


Professor Associado
Professor associado da Faculdade de Teologia. Doutor em Teologia Patrística pela Pontifícia Universidade Gregoriana-Roma. Tem Licenciatura Canónica em Ciências…