Philosophical Anthropology

4.5 ECTs / Semester / Português

This curricular unit aims to convey to students the main themes and questions that qualify Philosophical Anthropology; To become aware of the conceptual network of this unit; To increase the analytical, critical and reflexive skills related to the main models. Thus, the objectives and the abilities are: Recognizing the specificity of Philosophical Anthropology (PA) regarding the other human sciences; Deepening the different theories that explain PA and its main concepts; Analysing the implications of the different PA paradigms; Commenting on some of the masterpieces in the philosophical tradition, from the classics to the contemporary; Raising awareness of the link between theory and practice; Identifying knowledge on the personal universe; and, promoting critical reflection.


Professor Auxiliar
Professor Auxiliar da Faculdade de Ciências Humanas da Universidade Católica Portuguesa (FCH-UCP), Assessor Científico do Centro de Estudos de Filosofia e membro…