The problem of God in the philosophy of Kant in 1763

4.5 ECTs / Semester / Português

The seminar addresses Kant’s onto-theology in a crucial point of his philosophical evolution, corresponding to the year 1763. Two important works of Kant, published this year, will be analyzed: The only Possible Argument in Support of the Demonstration of the Existence of God and the Enquiry Concerning the Clarity of the Principles of Natural Theology and Morals. First, the seminar will attempt to understand Kant’s early philosophy in the frame of leibnizian-wolffian school (and the polemics inside it, as a consequence of the influence of British empiricism);secondly, the seminar will address the relation between Kant’s onto-theology and those of Descartes and Leibniz, especially regarding Kant’s critique of the ontological argument; at last, the seminar will appraise the effects of these issues in Kant’s ideas about the method of philosophizing (in contrast with the methods of physics and mathematics, anticipating his own mature ideas, after 1781, in the so-called “critical period”.


Professor Associado
Professor Catedrático na Faculdade de Ciências Humanas da Universidade Católica Portuguesa. É também, desde Junho de 2013, Director do Centro de Estudos de…