Acts and Catholic Epistles

4.5 ECTs / Semester / Português

1. Developing an updated exegetical and hermeneutic understanding of those biblical texts that discuss the origins of Christiany, specifically the Book of Acts of the Apostles and the text of the Catholic Epistles;

2. Regarding the Book of the Acts, our focus is on increasing the knowledge around the current exegetical debate on its place in the entire body of work by Luke, its literary specific features and theological peculiarities;

3. Considering the Catholic Epistles (Letter of James; 1-2 Peter and the Letter to Jude), the focus stems from the contribution of the current exegesis about the immediate recipients of these texts and their thematic relevance to the Faith of the earliest Christian generations.


Professor Auxiliar
Professora auxiliar da Faculdade de Teologia. Leciona Teologia Bíblica; áreas de Antigo e Novo Testamento; e ainda Línguas Bíblicas (Hebraico). É doutorada em…