4.5 ECTs / Annual / Português

- To provide an overview of the Church as a mystery of communion and mission upon the reception of  the II Vatican Council; - To deepen hermeneutic aspects that support an understanding of the Church as a community of believers throughout history; - To understand the structural elements of the Church on the basis of its biblical and theological grounds; - To specify, both in individual terms and at the level of ecclesial configurations, the factors that make the Church a reality of communion; - To deepen the mission of the Church, both in its specific mission of the universal “sacrament” of salvation as well as an impetus for humanizing the world through the Gospel; - To understand the ecumenical level demands and their meaning for the complete catholicity of the Church. 


Professor Emérito ou Jubilado
Professor catedrático jubilado. Doutor em Teologia Sistemática pela Universidade de Münster, com a tese "Kirche und politische Gemeinschaft in ökumenischer…