4.5 ECTs / Semester / Português

1. To introduce the student to the scientific study of Biblical Wisdom Literature (Book of Proverbs, Job, Qohelet, Ben Sira, Wisdom), through the knowledge of key issues of the current exegesis and the most relevant features of the debate developed by the wise man of Israel. To deepen the understanding of biblical wisdom as a transversal reflection d to initiate the student in recognizing the literary strategies of the metaphor and of the poetry used by the biblical writers of these books; 2. To introduce the Book of Psalms in its challenging and key issues, conveying its importance to the framework of the dialogical dimension of Revelation. Helping to rediscover the genesis of the psalms in the polyphony of a human and divine word and to deepen the Hebrew perception of praise. Whenever possible, we also introduce a brief approach to the Books of Ruth, Esther and the Song of Songs.


Professor Auxiliar
Doutora em Teologia Bíblica pela UCP na área dos Escritos Sapienciais, com uma especialização focalizada no Livro de Job. Leciona Teologia Bíblica…