Latin - I

4.5 ECTs / Annual / Português

Each student is expected to: 1. Master the morphological and syntactic tools necessary to study Latin, thus able to read a simple Latin text and translate it into Portuguese; 2. Translate simple Portuguese sentences into Latin; 3. Understand Latin's case system and know by heart the nominal, pronominal and verbal morphology of the language; 4. Recognize the importance of studying Latin to the general context of European culture, and in particular to the context of Theological studies; 5. Gain basic knowledge about classical culture, recognizing its unsurpassable importance in understanding the modern western world and the Portuguese language.


Professor Auxiliar
Doutor em Estudos Clássicos, especialidade de Literatura Latina, pela Universidade de Lisboa, com uma tese intitulada "O Clímax nas Odes de Horácio: Uma Análise…