New Testament - I

4.5 ECTs / Semester / Português

The general objective involves learning able to enlarge previous knowledge of the texts and the interpretation of the NT.

1. To know about the influence of the social, cultural and religious contexts in which these texts were written; what led to their writing, preservation and acceptance; 2. To understand the literary gospel genre and how the contemporary exegesis traces the origins and the different stages of writing; 3. To understand the importance of the synoptic question in the global understanding of the message of the gospel texts; 4. To grasp the structure and the relationship this structure establishes with the interpretation of each Gospel text; 5. To deepen the dynamics of discipleship in each of the four gospel texts; 6. To know the texts and the characteristics of the texts of the Johannine tradition (Gospel, Letters and the Book of Revelation).


Professor Auxiliar
Professora auxiliar da Faculdade de Teologia. Leciona Teologia Bíblica; áreas de Antigo e Novo Testamento; e ainda Línguas Bíblicas (Hebraico). É doutorada em…