Plano Curricular / Lecionação 2018/19

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Em 2018/19 a lecionação é a seguinte:

2.º Semestre

Semester Introduction to Christianity 2.5
Semester Philosophical Theology 4.5
Semester History of Medieval Philosophy 4.5
Semester Philosophical Anthropology 4.5
Semester The problem of God in the philosophy of Kant in 1763 4.5
Semester Saint Anthony of Lisbon. Doctor of the Church 4.5
Annual Latin - I 4.5
Annual Greek 4.5
Annual Tutorial - I 0.5

2.º Semestre

Semester History of Contemporary Philosophy 4.5
Semester Ontology 4.5
Semester Pentateuch 4.5
Semester Faith and Theology 4.5
Annual Latin - II 4.5
Semester Hebrew Language and Cuture 4
Semester Saint Augustine: Translation Seminar 4.5
Semester Human Dignity: Theological foundation and Ethical implications 4.5
Annual Tutorial - II 0.5

1.º Semestre

Semester Sociology of Religion 4.5
Semester History of the Early Church 4.5
Semester Aesthetics and Theology 4.5
Semester Patristic Theology 5
Semester Mystery of God 4.5
Semester Spirituality and Culture in the Middle Ages: Text Analysis 4.5
Semester New challenges to Christian faith 4.5
Semester The echo of penultimate things. Literature between disbelief and faith 4.5
Semester Prophets 4.5
Annual Tutorial - III 0.5

2.º Semestre

Semester Pauline Literature

José Carlos Carvalho

Semester History of the Contemporary Church 4.5
Semester Soteriology 4.5
Semester Mariology 2.5
Semester Social Moral Theology 4.5
Semester Christian Liturgy: Celebration 4
Semester The Holy Spirit and the Church: Perspectives and Challenges in the XXIst Century 4.5
Semester Sacramentum magnum. O mistério do matrimónio no magistério contemporâneo: da "casti conubi" (1930) à "Amoris laetitia" (2016) 4.5
Semester Educating the clergy: a historical perspective 4.5


Secretariado de Curso

Drª Maria da Luz Fernandes
Tel.: 217 214 153